How to get that perfect Belfie…. belfie belfie

Yes, that all important selfie is quickly being replaced. So it comes as no surprise that butt facials (also known as fanny facial, bikini facial or even pink cheeks!), are in demand so we can send pictures to our families, loved ones and followers of our buttocks. Even Dr. Oz has weighed in on his favorite fanny facial –

“As we age, the body produces less collagen and elastin, resulting in thinner, drier skin. Coffee grinds are the main ingredient in this fanny facial; caffeine constricts blood vessels to make skin look tighter. Salt is an excellent exfoliant and skin brightener. Honey and olive oil work to hydrate and soften the skin.”


2 cups of coffee grinds

1/4 cup sea salt

3 tbsp olive oil

2 tbsp honey


Mix the ingredients together in a small bowl or tupperware container. Use this scrub in the shower. Massage into your butt and thighs. Rinse well.

So while I know my followers are a devoted group, please let me go on the record and say that I do not want any belfies sent to me, thank you very much.

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Are you in need of a Loub job?….

Louboutin High Heels

Louboutin High Heels

It seems our faces aren’t the only thing we want to keep young. The Loub job (named after shoe designer Christian Louboutin) helps to keep our feet beautiful and pain-free in sky-high heels.

How it works –

For stress and strain while wearing these stilettos, dermal filler (typically used for the face) is injected into the toe pads, balls and heels of the feet. This provides cushioning to soften the strain for up to 6 months.

A Cinderella procedure is really just a bunionectomy, but the ‘Cinderella’ part sure does sound better – right?

There’s also the Perfect 10 (toe-shortening) and the Model T (toe lengthening). Prices start around $500 – $5,000 depending on the procedure. As always, do your homework!

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A hairbrush that grows hair?….

Sunetics Laser Hairbrush

Sunetics Laser Hairbrush

Yes, but don’t expect to have a full head of hair in a short amount of time. There are quite a few FDA approved LLLT devices on the market for home use – Laser Comb and Laser Hair Brush to name a few. The home devices are less expensive than in-office treatments which can range in the thousands of dollars.

How it works – LLT (low-level light therapy) works when the cells absorb light and repair themselves by micro-circulation of the blood supply, cell metabolism and protein synthesizes.  Studies suggest this cellular/subcellular activity breaks down the collection of DHT which causes hair loss. LLLT may be a promising treatment option for patients who do not respond to medication (or don’t want to take them) and those who do not want to undergo a hair transplant.

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Permanent Botox?….



It’s true.

iovera, by myoscience, is currently FDA approved for the treatment of chronic pain, but soon will be available to treat wrinkles with immediate results.

How it works – pressurized liquid nitrogen is injected into the specific nerve that controls muscles responsible for wrinkles on the forehead and between the brows. Iovera immediately freezes the nerves and not only gives instant results, but a softer, more natural look than Botox. The procedure takes around 20 minutes, may last up to 3 months and should be available as early as this year.

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G.R.A.S.S. – are you getting yours?….

Growing up we were told to wash, tone and moisturize our skin to maintain it. Then came serums, scrubbing devices, retinols and sunscreen. Now the trend is GRASS, that is if you are listening to SkinMedica. What is it and is it right for you?

G is for Growth Factors

Growth factors are normal signaling molecules that exist in all living cells of the human body, including skin cells. They can be contained and function within a cell or they can be secreted from the cell to have a direct effect on a neighboring cell.  Growth factors also orchestrate complex cellular processes including DNA repair, protein synthesis and cell-to-cell communication (among thousands of other functions). In other words, growth factors play a role in cell division, new cell and vessel growth, and the production of collagen and elastin, a connective tissue protein.

R is for Retinoids

Retinoids work by increasing the production of new collagen. It also stimulates new blood vessels in the skin, giving skin a rosy appearance, fading age spots, and reducing precancerous skin spots called actinic keratosis.

A is for Antioxidant

Antioxidants are nutrients (vitamins/minerals) and enzymes (proteins inside your body) that can help to prevent and repair damage to your body’s tissue. They do this by slowing or preventing the effect of free radicals, which start oxidation — a process that causes damage from oxygen that can lead to cell dysfunction, as well as protect your skin from the damaging effects of the sun.

S is for Sunblock

The only thing I am going to say about this is ’50 is the new 30′. Start using SPF 50 to protect yourself from those harmful rays – the sooner the better.

S is for Special Eye Cream and Serums

If you are a person who wants to use eye creams and serums – great! If not, that’s fine too. Using Growth Factors, Retinoids, Antioxidants and Sunblock is a great way to keep the skin cells regenerating and fighting the elements of the sun. Just make sure you put these products under the eyes as well. If you do need an eye cream, I personally prefer the Obagi Elastiderm Eye Cream and/or Serum to the SkinMedica.


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Anti-aging products from Japan….

Japan Tend Shop

Japan Tend Shop

I stumbled across the Japan Trend Shop and discovered a whole new way to tighten the face and body. While I’m not sure how effective some of these devices are, I have to imagine that with dedication you will get some benefit. I just don’t know that I would let anyone see me using one!

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Botox Cosmetic vs Dysport – which is better?….


Everyone has heard of Botox, even if they don’t know what it really does. Fewer know Dysport, even though studies are showing that it is superior to Botox Cosmetic.

One recent study from the Maas Clinic in San Francisco and University of California, San Francisco, enrolled 90 people for a “split face” study in which doctors randomly injected Botox into one side of the face and Dysport into the other.

Using a five-point scale, the researchers then evaluated results on both sides of the participants’ faces; the patients themselves were also asked to indicate which side they preferred. According to the researchers’ measure, Dysport improved the appearance of crow’s feet significantly better than Botox did. At the 30-day mark, about two-thirds of participants said they also favored the side that had been treated with Dysport. But the difference was seen only when users contracted their facial muscles as much as possible. There was no difference in appearance when faces were at rest.

Results from another study showed Dysport lasts longer –

Based on a triple blind study conducted by triple board certified, celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Ramtin Kassir, a test of the efficacy and safety of popular injectables, brand named “Botox” and “Dysport;” it is now affirmed that Dysport delivers faster and longer lasting results than other comparative botulinum toxins.

So while this might not be the case for everyone, study after study is showing Dysport works faster and lasts longer than Botox.

The good news is that the two products can be interchanged – so if Botox is on sale one time and Dysport the next you can safely choose the one with the better price.

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